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HQ Capital invests in primary funds, secondary market transactions, co-investments and direct investments.

HQ Capital has acquired years of experience and expertise managing private equity assets on behalf of our clients.


Primary Investments. HQ Capital focuses on private equity fund managers with long-term investment experience, proven results and a significant financial commitment to their own funds. Our extensive network allows us to access high quality managers and the ability to conduct in-depth due diligence before each investment.


Secondary Investments. HQ Capital’s secondary investment program focuses on the acquisition of both private equity fund partnership interests and direct stakes in portfolio companies. On an opportunistic basis, we also structure investments designed to capture specific market opportunities. Through this approach, our goal is to provide investors with exposure to diversified portfolios consisting of mature private equity funds with prospective returns similar to those of primary investments, but with a relatively lower level of risk and a shorter time horizon.


Co-Investments. HQ Capital makes investments in private companies around the world via participation in leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, as well as through growth capital transactions. We access investment opportunities through our global relationships with top-tier private equity managers. As part of our investment, we are often represented in the supervisory board and board of directors of the respective companies and sponsoring private equity funds.


Advisory Mandates and Separately Managed Accounts. HQ Capital manages a significant number of separate accounts for institutional clients and family offices. Based on each client’s specific requirements, these accounts provide solutions that typically involve a combination of commingled funds, co-investments and direct participations.