Bad Homburg / Hong Kong / New York – November 30, 2021 - For this year’s HQ Capital Gives Back! initiative, the company renewed its donations to local charity partners in order to provide reliable support to communities that continue to be disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

“Even though we were unable to coordinate events for our employees to show their support in person due to the pandemic, we still felt it important to make a contribution to these organizations that tirelessly serve our communities,” commented Dr. Bernd Türk, CEO of HQ Capital.

Since its launch in 2017, HQ Capital Gives Back! initiatives have focused on partnerships and support for organizations meeting the needs of underprivileged and vulnerable populations in our local communities. In line with this global theme, each office has generously donated to the following organizations:

In Frankfurt, we continue our support for Children for a better World ( Children for a better World is a donation-financed children’s aid organization based in Munich. It was founded by Gabriele Quandt and Florian Langenscheidt in 1994 to fight childhood poverty and create opportunities for children and youth to support their own communities. The initiative also involves children participating directly in multiple fields of charitable work, enabling them to take responsibility for their lives, their future, and the society they live in. During the pandemic, Children for a better World established an emergency fund to provide food vouchers, play packages, lessons at home, and digital tutoring to serve the 4,500 children and families associated with the program. HQ Capital’s donation will support this initiative and goes directly to a project for children in need in Frankfurt. The team previously supported Children for a better World with a social day as part of HQ Capital Gives Back! in 2019.

In New York, we selected the Food Bank for New York City ( Food Bank for New York City is the first organization we supported with our HQ Capital Gives Back! initiative and continues to be an essential hunger-relief program serving New York City. During this pandemic, Food Bank has taken proactive steps to safely provide food and other resources for the New Yorkers who rely on them. Our donation will be used to provide emergency food to vulnerable New Yorkers who may be quarantined, along with those impacted by the economic downturn.

In Hong Kong, we selected Oxfam Hong Kong ( Oxfam Hong Kong dates back to 1976 when volunteers joined together to open a shop for second-hand goods in Hong Kong and raised funds for anti-poverty projects around the world. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oxfam has reached over 46,000 people in Hong Kong and over 14.3 million around the world, providing access to clean water, distributing masks, hand cleansing supplies and other relief items to street cleaners, the elderly, the visually impaired, those with mental illness, low-income families, and ethnic minorities. Our donation will be used to help keep Oxfam’s inventory well stocked to protect the front-line workers and these vulnerable communities during this difficult time.

HQ Capital will continue to support its local communities through our HQ Capital Gives Back! initiative. In addition to the corporate donations per region, the team has also made private contributions and is in close contact with the charitable organizations offering support.

The 2021 HQ Capital Gives Back! renews donations to local charities