HQ Capital’s Germany office organized a group of 27 employees, from both its Private Equity and HQ Equita teams, to participate in the Malteser Social Day 2018.

Malteser Social Day is an annual nationwide event hosted by the Order of Malta in Germany, where companies and their employees spend a day giving back to communities in need. Malteser is a catholic relief organization with the long-term objective of alleviating poverty through hands-on, active and on-going volunteer work. With their “Social Day,” the Malteser encourages companies to free up their employees for one day to take part in various social projects within their communities.

As part of this year’s Malteser Social Day, the HQ Capital team helped to refresh the appearance of the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium (GBG) in Bad Vilbel by painting its corridors. GBG is a general education and performance-oriented high school of the Wetteraukreis that focuses on helping its students to be well-rounded, both academically and socially. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for children from sports, music and vocational studies, to leisure and social activities that promote the importance of giving back to your communities. This volunteer service was a great opportunity for HQ Capital to reward the school’s good work by helping prepare for their upcoming 50th anniversary, while exemplifying the benefits of team work for the students.

Oliver Schlümer, Director at HQ Capital, commented, “Participation in the Social Day was successful in many ways. First and foremost, we were able to help children by beautifying their school. In addition, it was a great teambuilding event that allowed us to get to know colleagues even better. Special thanks go to the headmaster of the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium for the delicious food and the Malteser for the organization of the day.”

Daniela Hufnagel, IT & Office Management at HQ Equita and the event organizer added, “Our first Social Day experience was very rewarding. The pre-planning with both GBG and the Malteser was seamless and enjoyable. The enthusiasm and gratitude of the school management and teachers for supporting them in their project helped to motivate and energize our team. The event was fun and has helped to bring us closer as colleagues and teammates. I would encourage other companies to consider participating in the next Malteser Social Day.”

HQ Capital is committed to supporting social initiatives around the world. Its New York and Hong Kong offices also participated in community service days earlier this year. Georg Wunderlin, CEO of HQ Capital, explained, “As part of our HQ Capital Gives Back! initiative, we will continue to seek out opportunities to share the same professionalism and dedication that we bring to our firm with those in need, through team work and community engagement.”

About Malteser

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, better known as the Order of Malta, has a two-fold nature. It is one of the most ancient Catholic Religious Orders, founded in Jerusalem in around 1048. At the same time, it has always been recognized by nations as an independent subject of international law.

The Order’s mission is summed up in its motto “Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum” – which translates as live the faith and assist those who suffer. The Order of Malta works in the field of medical and social care and humanitarian aid, in over 120 countries, supported by the diplomatic relations it currently has with 104 nations. Malteser International, the Order’s worldwide relief agency, works the front line providing humanitarian aid in situations such as those where natural disasters have occurred, or civil conflicts. It is completely neutral and impartial.

Further information can be found at malteser.de

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Malteser Social Day 2018 – HQ Capital Team streicht Flure des Georg-Büchner-Gymnasiums in Bad Vilbel