HQ Capital’s New York office participated in a “Reading Party” for grade school children as part of the firm-wide HQ Capital Gives Back! Initiative.

More than 30 employees attended the event, hosted by Pajama Program, a national organization dedicated to providing new pajamas and books to vulnerable children in support of a caring bedtime ritual and good night’s sleep. The Reading Party began with introductions and then the children spent an hour reading with their adult “reading buddies.” At the end of the Reading Party, the children each selected a book of their choice to take home and were presented with a new pair of pajamas, specially wrapped and labeled with their name. Each child was given a round of applause to encourage their participation in reading activities.

“As a parent of teenage children, the Reading Party brought back memories of reading to my own children. Knowing the importance of this activity made the experience especially meaningful,” said Chris Lawrence, Managing Director at HQ Capital. “The event was well-run, and the staff is extremely devoted and caring. It was truly rewarding to have contributed to the impact the Pajama Program is making in the lives of these kids.”

Pajama Program was founded in 2001 by Genevieve Piturro after she was asked by a young girl living in a shelter, “What are pajamas?” Piturro regularly read to children at a local shelter and was shocked to realize how many did not have pajamas to change into or a book to read before bedtime. She started the program with the goal of helping to transform bedtime into a loving ritual for children living in difficult circumstances. The program now serves children in every state and has delivered more than 3 million pajamas and over 2 million books.

“The number of employees who participated in the Reading Party is a testament to HQ Capital’s commitment to giving back to the community,” said Jeremy Katz, Co-Head of Real Estate at HQ Capital. “We are proud to have partnered with the Pajama Program and to have supported their mission of providing new pajamas and books to children who might not otherwise have them. We are continually looking for opportunities in which we can make a positive social impact.”

About Pajama Program

At Pajama Program, we understand deeply how many children in this country don’t have a stable home life, or a home at all. To these children — often abandoned, neglected, living in shelters or temporary housing — we pledge our unwavering commitment to the inherent right of every one of them to have a loving bedtime and restful good night as the start of a positive, empowering good day. New pajamas and books are magical gifts that we collect and give, with love, to vulnerable children. They inspire them, teaching them how to use imagination and creativity to change their lives in the moment, and every day. They are the building blocks of confidence, trust and love. Further information can be found at www.pajamaprogram.org.

Ulrich von Rotenhan
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HQ Capital team partners with Pajama Program to provide children with pajamas and books to encourage reading